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 327910 Abrasive Product Manufacturing

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing abrasive grinding wheels of natural or synthetic materials, abrasive-coated products, and other abrasive products.

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Corresponding Index Entries
3279103279103291Abrasive products manufacturing
3279103279103291Aluminum oxide (fused) abrasives manufacturing
3279103279103291Buffing and polishing wheels, abrasive and nonabrasive, manufacturing
3279103279103291Cloth (e.g., aluminum oxide, garnet, emery, silicon carbide) coated manufacturing
3279103279103291Diamond dressing wheels manufacturing
3279103279103291Grains, abrasive, natural and artificial, manufacturing
3279103279103291Grinding balls, ceramic, manufacturing
3279103279103291Grinding wheels manufacturing
3279103279103291Paper (e.g., aluminum oxide, emery, garnet, silicon carbide), abrasive coated, ma
3279103279103291Polishing wheels manufacturing
3279103279103291Pumice and pumicite abrasives manufacturing
3279103279103291Sandpaper manufacturing
3279103279103291Silicon carbide abrasives manufacturing
3279103279103291Steel shot abrasives manufacturing
3279103279103291Wheels, abrasive, manufacturing
3279103279103291Wheels, polishing and grinding, manufacturing
3279103279103291Whetstones manufacturing