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 325510 Paint and Coating Manufacturing

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) mixing pigments, solvents, and binders into paints and other coatings, such as stains, varnishes, lacquers, enamels, shellacs, and water repellant coatings for concrete and masonry, and/or (2) manufacturing allied paint products, such as putties, paint and varnish removers, paint brush cleaners, and frit.

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Corresponding Index Entries
3255103255102851Architectural coatings (i.e., paint) manufacturing
3255103255102851Calcimines manufacturing
3255103255102851Dispersions, pigment, manufacturing
3255103255102851Dopes, paint, and laquer, manufacturing
3255103255102851Driers, paint, and varnish, manufacturing
3255103255102851Enamel paints manufacturing
3255103255102851Epoxy coatings made from purchased resins
3255103255102851Fillers, wood (e.g., dry, liquid, paste), manufacturing
3255103255102899Frit manufacturing
3255103255102851Glaziers' putty manufacturing
3255103255102851Industrial product finishes and coatings (i.e., paint) manufacturing
3255103255102851Lacquers manufacturing
3255103255102851Latex paint (i.e., water based) manufacturing
3255103255102851Marine paints manufacturing
3255103255102851Motor vehicle paints manufacturing
3255103255102851Paint and varnish removers manufacturing
3255103255102851Paint thinner and reducer preparations manufacturing
3255103255102851Paintbrush cleaners manufacturing
3255103255102851Paints (except artist's) manufacturing
3255103255102851Paints, emulsion (i.e., latex paint), manufacturing
3255103255102851Paints, oil and alkyd vehicle, manufacturing
3255103255102899Plastic wood fillers manufacturing
3255103255102851Plastisol coating compounds manufacturing
3255103255102851Polyurethane coatings manufacturing
3255103255102851Powder coatings manufacturing
3255103255102851Primers, paint, manufacturing
3255103255102851Shellac manufacturing
3255103255102851Stains (except biological) manufacturing
3255103255102851Varnishes manufacturing
3255103255102851Water repellant coatings for wood, concrete and masonry manufacturing
3255103255102851Wood fillers manufacturing