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 325191 Gum and Wood Chemical Manufacturing

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) distilling wood or gum into products, such as tall oil and wood distillates, and (2) manufacturing wood or gum chemicals, such as naval stores, natural tanning materials, charcoal briquettes, and charcoal (except activated).

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Corresponding Index Entries
3251913251912861Acetate of lime, natural, made by distillation of wood
3251913251912861Acetone, natural, manufacturing
3251913251912861Annato extract manufacturing
3251913251912861Brazilwood extract manufacturing
3251913251912861Brewers' pitch made by distillation of wood
3251913251912861Camphor, natural, manufacturing
3251913251912861Charcoal (except activated) manufacturing
3251913251912861Charcoal briquettes, wood, manufacturing
3251913251912861Chestnut extract manufacturing
3251913251912861Creosote made by distillation of wood tar
3251913251912861Cycloterpenes manufacturing
3251913251912861Distillates, wood, manufacturing
3251913251912861Dragon's blood manufacturing
3251913251912861Dyes, natural, manufacturing
3251913251912861Ethyl acetate, natural, manufacturing
3251913251912861Extracts, natural dyeing and tanning, manufacturing
3251913251912861Fustic wood extract manufacturing
3251913251912861Gambier extract manufacturing
3251913251912861Gum and wood chemicals manufacturing
3251913251912861Hardwood distillates manufacturing
3251913251912861Hemlock extract manufacturing
3251913251912861Logwood extract manufacturing
3251913251912861Mangrove extract manufacturing
3251913251912861Methyl acetone manufacturing
3251913251912861Methyl alcohol (methanol), natural, manufacturing
3251913251912861Myrobalans extract manufacturing
3251913251912861Naval stores, gum or wood, manufacturing
3251913251912861Oak extract manufacturing
3251913251912861Oils, wood, made by distillation of wood
3251913251912861Pine oil manufacturing
3251913251912861Pinene manufacturing
3251913251912861Pitch, wood, manufacturing
3251913251912861Pyroligneous acids manufacturing
3251913251912861Quebracho extracts manufacturing
3251913251912861Quercitron extracts manufacturing
3251913251912861Rosins made by distillation of pine gum or pine wood
3251913251912861Softwood distillates manufacturing
3251913251912861Sumac extract manufacturing
3251913251912861Tall oil (except skimmings) manufacturing
3251913251912861Tannic acid (i.e., tannins) manufacturing
3251913251912861Tanning extracts and materials, natural, manufacturing
3251913251912861Tar and tar oils made by distillation of wood
3251913251912861Turpentine made by distillation of pine gum or pine wood
3251913251912861Valonia extract manufacturing
3251913251912861Wattle extract manufacturing
3251913251912861Witch hazel extract manufacturing
3251913251912861Wood alcohol, natural, manufacturing
3251913251912861Wood distillates manufacturing
3251913251912861Wood oils manufacturing