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 325132 Synthetic Organic Dye and Pigment Manufacturing

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing synthetic organic dyes and pigments, such as lakes and toners (except electrostatic and photographic).

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Corresponding Index Entries
3251323251322865Acid dyes, synthetic organic, manufacturing
3251323251322865Anthraquinone dyes manufacturing
3251323251322865Azine dyes manufacturing
3251323251322865Azo dyes manufacturing
3251323251322865Color pigments, organic (except animal black, bone black), manufacturing
3251323251322865Direct dyes manufacturing
3251323251322865Disperse dyes manufacturing
3251323251322865Dyes, synthetic organic, manufacturing
3251323251322865Eosin dyes manufacturing
3251323251322865Fluorescent dyes manufacturing
3251323251322865Food coloring, synthetic, manufacturing
3251323251322865Lakes (i.e., organic pigments) manufacturing
3251323251322865Methyl violet toners manufacturing
3251323251322865Mordant dyes manufacturing
3251323251322865Nitroso dyes manufacturing
3251323251322865Organic pigments, dyes, lakes, and toners manufacturing
3251323251322865Pararosaniline dyes manufacturing
3251323251322865Peacock blue lake manufacturing
3251323251322865Persian orange lake manufacturing
3251323251322865Phosphomolybdic acid lakes and toners manufacturing
3251323251322865Phosphotungstic acid lakes and toners manufacturing
3251323251322865Phthalocyanine pigments manufacturing
3251323251322865Pigment, scarlet lake, manufacturing
3251323251322865Pigments (except animal black, bone black), organic, manufacturing
3251323251322865Scarlet 2 R lake manufacturing
3251323251322865Solvent dyes manufacturing
3251323251322865Stains, biological, manufacturing
3251323251322865Stilbene dyes manufacturing
3251323251322865Toners (except electrostatic, photographic) manufacturing
3251323251322865Vat dyes, synthetic, manufacturing