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 323122 Prepress Services

This U.S. industry comprises (1) establishments primarily engaged in prepress services, such as imagesetting or typesetting, for printers and (2) establishments primarily engaged in preparing film or plates for printing purposes.

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No change 1997 to 2002 2002 NAICS to 1987 SIC 1997Economic Census Bridge Between 1997 NAICS and SIC
Corresponding Index Entries
3231223231222796Color separation services, for the printing trade
323122323122 Electronic prepress services for the printing trade
3231223231222796Electrotype plate preparation services
3231223231222796Embossing plate preparation services
3231223231222796Engraving printing plate, for the printing trade
3231223231222796Flexographic plate preparation services
3231223231222796Gravure plate and cylinder preparation services
3231223231222791Imagesetting services, prepress
3231223231222796Letterpress plate preparation services
3231223231222796Lithographic plate preparation services
3231223231222796Offset plate preparation services
3231223231222791Photocomposition services, for the printing trade
3231223231222796Photoengraving plate preparation services
3231223231222791Phototypesetting services
3231223231222791Prepress printing services (e.g., color separation, imagesetting, photocompositio
3231223231222796Printing plate preparation services
3231223231222791Printing prepress services (e.g., color separation, imagesetting, photocompositio
3231223231222796Rotogravure printing plates and cylinders preparation services
3231223231222796Screen for printing, preparation services
3231223231222791Typesetting (i.e., computer controlled, hand, machine)