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 323121 Tradebinding and Related Work

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in one or more of the following: (1) tradebinding; (2) sample mounting; and (3) postpress services (e.g., book or paper bronzing, die-cutting, edging, embossing, folding, gilding, gluing, indexing).

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in printing books or printing and binding books are classified in U.S. Industry 323117, Books Printing.
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Corresponding Index Entries
3231213231212789Almanac binding without printing
3231213231212789Book binding shops
3231213231212789Book binding without printing
3231213231212789Bookbinding without printing
3231213231212789Dictionary binding without printing
3231213231212789Encyclopedia binding without printing
3231213231212789Fiction book binding without printing
3231213231212789Gold stamping books for the trade
3231213231212789Nonfiction book binding without printing
3231213231212789Pamphlet binding without printing
3231213231212789Postpress services (e.g., beveling, bronzing, folding, gluing, edging, foil stamp
3231213231212789Printing postpress services (e.g., beveling, bronzing, folding, gluing, edging, f
3231213231212789Professional book binding without printing
3231213231212789Rebinding books, magazines, or pamphlets
3231213231212789Religious book binding without printing
3231213231212789Repairing books
3231213231212789Samples mounting
3231213231212789School textbooks binding without printing
3231213231212789Swatches and samples, mounting for the trade
3231213231212789Technical manual paper (books) binding without printing
3231213231212789Trade binding services