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 321920 Wood Container and Pallet Manufacturing

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing wood pallets, wood box shook, wood boxes, other wood containers, and wood parts for pallets and containers.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing wood burial caskets are classified in U.S. Industry 339995, Burial Casket Manufacturing.
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Corresponding Index Entries
3219203219202441Ammunition boxes, wood, manufacturing
3219203219202429Barrel heading and staves manufacturing
3219203219202449Barrels, wood, coopered, manufacturing
321920321920 Baskets, wood (e.g., round stave, veneer), manufacturing
3219203219202449Berry crates, wood, wirebound, manufacturing
3219203219202449Berry cups, veneer and splint, manufacturing
3219203219202441Box cleats, wood, manufacturing
3219203219202441Box shook manufacturing
3219203219202441Boxes, cigar, wood or part wood, manufacturing
3219203219202449Boxes, jewelry, wood or part wood, manufacturing
321920321920 Boxes, wood, manufacturing
3219203219202441Boxes, wood, plain or fabric covered, nailed or lock corner, manufacturing
3219203219202449Buckets, wood, coopered, manufacturing
3219203219202449Cases, shipping, wood, wirebound, manufacturing
3219203219202441Cases, wood packing, nailed or lock corner, manufacturing
3219203219202441Cases, wood shipping, nailed or lock corner, manufacturing
3219203219202449Casks, wood, coopered, manufacturing
3219203219202441Chests for tools, wood, manufacturing
3219203219202449Chicken coops (i.e., crates), wood, wirebound for shipping poultry, manufacturing
3219203219202441Cigar boxes, wood and part wood, manufacturing
3219203219202449Containers, wood, manufacturing
3219203219202449Cooperage manufacturing
3219203219202429Cooperage stock (e.g., heading, hoops, staves) manufacturing
3219203219202429Cooperage stock mills
3219203219202449Coopered tubs manufacturing
3219203219202449Crates (e.g., berry, butter, fruit, vegetable) made of wood, wirebound, manufactu
3219203219202449Drums, plywood, manufacturing
3219203219202449Drums, shipping, wood, wirebound, manufacturing
3219203219202441Egg cases, wood, manufacturing
3219203219202449Firkins and kits, wood, coopered, manufacturing
3219203219202441Flats, wood, greenhouse, manufacturing
3219203219202449Fruit baskets, veneer and splint, manufacturing
3219203219202449Fruit crates, wood, wirebound, manufacturing
3219203219202429Heading, barrel (i.e., cooperage stock), wood, manufacturing
3219203219202449Hogsheads, coopered wood, manufacturing
3219203219202429Hoops, sawed or split wood for tight or slack cooperage, manufacturing
3219203219202449Hot tubs, coopered, manufacturing
3219203219202449Kegs, wood, coopered, manufacturing
3219203219202441Packing cases, wood, nailed or lock corner, manufacturing
3219203219202441Packing crates, wood, manufacturing
3219203219202449Pails, coopered wood, manufacturing
3219203219202449Pails, plywood, manufacturing
3219203219202449Pails, wood, manufacturing
3219203219202448Pallet containers, wood or wood and metal combination, manufacturing
3219203219202448Pallet parts, wood, manufacturing
3219203219202448Pallets, wood or wood and metal combination, manufacturing
3219203219202449Round stave baskets (e.g., fruit, vegetable) manufacturing
3219203219202449Shipping cases and drums, wood, wirebound, manufacturing
3219203219202441Shipping cases, wood, nailed or lock corner, manufacturing
3219203219202441Shipping crates, wood, manufacturing
3219203219202441Shook, box, manufacturing
3219203219202448Skids and pallets, wood or wood and metal combination, manufacturing
3219203219202449Splint baskets for fruits and vegetables, manufacturing
3219203219202429Staves, barrel, sawed or split, manufacturing
3219203219202449Tanks, wood, coopered, manufacturing
3219203219202421Tobacco hogshead stock, manufacturing
3219203219202449Tobacco hogsheads, manufacturing
3219203219202441Tool chests, wood, manufacturing
3219203219202441Trays, carrier, wood, manufacturing
3219203219202449Vegetable baskets, veneer and splint, manufacturing
3219203219202449Vegetable crates, wood, wirebound, manufacturing
3219203219202449Veneer baskets, for fruits and vegetables, manufacturing