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 316993 Personal Leather Good (except Women's Handbag and Purse) Manufacturing

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing personal leather goods (i.e., small articles of any material (except metal) normally carried on or about the person or in a handbag). Examples of personal leather goods made by these establishments are billfolds, coin purses, key cases, toilet kits, and watchbands (except metal).

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Corresponding Index Entries
3169933169933172Billfolds, all materials, manufacturing
3169933169933172Card cases (except metal) manufacturing
3169933169933172Cases, jewelry (except metal), manufacturing
3169933169933172Checkbook covers, (except metal), manufacturing
3169933169933172Cigar cases (except metal) manufacturing
3169933169933172Cigarette cases (except metal) manufacturing
3169933169933172Coin purses (except metal) manufacturing
3169933169933172Comb cases (except metal) manufacturing
3169933169933172Compacts, solid leather, manufacturing
3169933169933172Cosmetic bags (except metal) manufacturing
3169933169933172Eyeglass cases, all materials, manufacturing
3169933169933172Handbags (except metal), men's, manufacturing
3169933169933172Key cases (except metal) manufacturing
3169933169933172Leather goods, small personal (e.g., coin purses, eyeglass cases, key cases), man
3169933169933172Personal leather goods (e.g., coin purses, eyeglass cases, key cases), small, man
3169933169933172Purses (except precious metal), men's, manufacturing
3169933169933172Sewing cases (except metal) manufacturing
3169933169933172Straps, watch (except metal), manufacturing
3169933169933172Tobacco pouches (except metal) manufacturing
3169933169933172Toilet kits and cases (except metal) manufacturing
3169933169933172Vanity cases, leather, manufacturing
3169933169933172Wallets (except metal) manufacturing
3169933169933172Watch bands (except metal) manufacturing