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 316213 Men's Footwear (except Athletic) Manufacturing

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing men's footwear designed primarily for dress, street, and work. This industry includes men's shoes with rubber or plastics soles and leather or vinyl uppers.

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Corresponding Index Entries
3162133162133143Boots, dress and casual (except plastics, rubber), men's, manufacturing
3162133162133143Boots, hiking (except rubber, plastics), men's, manufacturing
3162133162133143Casual shoes (except athletic, plastics, rubber), men's, manufacturing
3162133162133143Dress shoes, men's, manufacturing
3162133162133143Footwear, men's (except house slippers, athletic, orthopedic extension, plastics,
3162133162133143Footwear, men's leather or vinyl upper with rubber or plastics soles, manufacturi
3162133162133143Leather footwear, men's (except athletic, slippers), manufacturing
3162133162133143Orthopedic shoes (except extension shoes), men's, manufacturing
3162133162133143Sandals, men's footwear (except rubber, plastics), manufacturing
3162133162133143Shoes, men's (except house slippers, athletic, rubber, orthopedic extension), man
3162133162133143Work shoes, men's (except rubber or plastics protective footwear), manufacturing