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 313320 Fabric Coating Mills

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in coating, laminating, varnishing, waxing, and rubberizing textiles and apparel.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in dyeing and finishing textiles are classified in Industry 31331, Textile and Fabric Finishing Mills.
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Corresponding Index Entries
3133203133202295Garments, oiling (i.e., waterproofing)
3133203133202295Laminating purchased textiles
3133203133202295Leather, artificial, made from purchased fabric
3133203133202295Metallizing purchased textiles
3133203133202295Oilcloth manufacturing
3133203133202295Oiling of purchased textiles and apparel
3133203133202295Plastics coating of textiles and apparel
3133203133202295Raincoats waterproofing (i.e., oiling)
3133203133203069Rubberizing purchased capes
3133203133203069Rubberizing purchased cloaks
3133203133203069Rubberizing purchased clothing
3133203133203069Rubberizing purchased coats
3133203133203069Rubberizing purchased textiles and apparel
3133203133202295Tapes, varnished and coated (except magnetic), made from purchased fabric
313320313320 Textile waterproofing
3133203133202295Varnishing purchased textiles and apparel
3133203133202295Vinyl coated fabrics manufacturing
313320313320 Waterproofing apparel, fabrics and textile products (e.g., oiling, rubberizing, w
3133203133202295Waxing purchased textiles and apparel