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 313221 Narrow Fabric Mills

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) weaving or braiding narrow fabrics in their final form or initially made in wider widths that are specially constructed for narrower widths and/or (2) making fabric-covered elastic yarn and thread. Establishments in this industry may weave only; weave and finish; or weave, finish, and further fabricate fabric products.
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Corresponding Index Entries
3132213132212241Apparel webbings manufacturing
3132213132212241Belting fabrics, narrow woven
3132213132212241Bias bindings, woven, manufacturing
3132213132212241Bindings, narrow woven, manufacturing
3132213132212241Braiding narrow fabrics
3132213132212241Cords and braids, narrow woven, manufacturing
3132213132212241Cotton fabrics, narrow woven weaving
3132213132212241Elastic fabrics, narrow woven, manufacturing
313221313221 Fabrics, narrow woven, weaving
3132213132212241Fiberglasses, narrow woven, weaving
3132213132212241Fringes weaving
3132213132212241Glass fabrics, narrow woven weaving
3132213132212241Hand weaving fabric, 12 inches or less (30cm)
3132213132212299Hard fiber, narrow woven, weaving
3132213132212241Hook and loop fastener fabric manufacturing
3132213132212241Hose fabrics, tubular, weaving
3132213132212241Labels weaving
3132213132212241Laces (e.g. shoe), textile, manufacturing
3132213132212241Manmade fabric, narrow woven, weaving
313221313221 Narrow fabrics weaving
3132213132212299Natural fiber fabrics (i.e., jute, linen, hemp, ramie), narrow woven, weaving
3132213132212241Paper fabric, narrow woven, weaving
3132213132212241Ribbons made in narrow woven fabric mills
3132213132212241Rubber thread and yarns, fabric covered, manufacturing
3132213132212241Tapes weaving
3132213132212241Textile mills, narrow woven fabric
313221313221 Textile narrow woven fabric mills
3132213132212241Textile products (except apparel) made in narrow woven fabric mills
313221313221 Weaving and finishing narrow fabrics
3132213132212241Weaving fabric less than 12 inches (30cm)
313221313221 Weaving narrow fabrics
313221313221 Webbing weaving
3132213132212241Wicks manufacturing
3132213132212241Wool fabrics, narrow woven, weaving
3132213132212241Zipper tape weaving