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 311942 Spice and Extract Manufacturing

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) manufacturing spices, table salt, seasonings, flavoring extracts (except coffee and meat), and natural food colorings and/or (2) manufacturing dry mix food preparations, such as salad dressing mixes, gravy and sauce mixes, frosting mixes, and other dry mix preparations.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

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Corresponding Index Entries
3119423119422099Chili pepper or powder manufacturing
3119423119422087Extracts, food (except coffee, meat), manufacturing
3119423119422082Extracts, malt, manufacturing
3119423119422087Flavor extracts (except coffee) manufacturing
3119423119422087Food coloring, natural, manufacturing
3119423119422087Food extracts (except coffee, meat) manufacturing
3119423119422087Fruit extracts manufacturing
3119423119422099Gravy mixes, dry, manufacturing
3119423119422099Grinding spices
3119423119422087Hop extract manufacturing
3119423119422082Malt extract and syrups manufacturing
3119423119422099Pectin manufacturing
3119423119422099Pepper (i.e., spice) manufacturing
3119423119422099Salad dressing mixes, dry, manufacturing
3119423119422099Salt substitute manufacturing
3119423119422899Salt, table, manufacturing
3119423119422099Sauce mixes, dry, manufacturing
3119423119422099Seasoning salt manufacturing
3119423119422099Spice grinding and blending
3119423119422099Spice mixtures manufacturing
3119423119422099Spices and spice mix manufacturing
3119423119422899Table salt manufacturing