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 311711 Seafood Canning

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) canning seafood (including soup) and marine fats and oils and/or (2) smoking, salting, and drying seafood. Establishments known as "floating factory ships" that are engaged in the gathering and processing of seafood into canned seafood products are included in this industry.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in preparing fresh and frozen seafood and marine fats and oils are classified in U.S. Industry 311712, Fresh and Frozen Seafood Processing.
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Corresponding Index Entries
3117113117112091Cannery, fish
3117113117112091Cannery, shellfish
3117113117112091Canning, fish, crustacea, and molluscs
3117113117112091Chowders, fish and seafood, canning
3117113117112077Cod liver oil extraction, crude, produced in a cannery
3117113117112091Curing fish and seafood
3117113117112091Drying fish and seafood
3117113117112077Fish and marine animal oils produced in a cannery
3117113117112091Fish and seafood chowder canning
3117113117112091Fish egg bait canning
3117113117112077Fish meal produced in a cannery
3117113117112091Fish, canned and cured, manufacturing
3117113117112091Fish, curing, drying, pickling, salting, and smoking
3117113117112091Floating factory ships seafood processing
3117113117112091Seafood and seafood products canning
3117113117112091Seafood and seafood products curing
3117113117112091Seaweed processing (e.g., dulse)
3117113117112091Shellfish and shellfish products canning
3117113117112091Shellfish curing
3117113117112091Soups, fish and seafood, canning
3117113117112091Surimi canning