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 311412 Frozen Specialty Food Manufacturing

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing frozen specialty foods (except seafood), such as frozen dinners, entrees, and side dishes; frozen pizza; frozen whipped topping; and frozen waffles, pancakes, and french toast.

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Corresponding Index Entries
3114123114122038Chop suey, frozen, manufacturing
3114123114122038Chow mein, frozen, manufacturing
3114123114122038Dinners, frozen (except seafood-based), manufacturing
3114123114122038French toast, frozen, manufacturing
3114123114122038Frozen dinners (except seafood-based) manufacturing
3114123114122038Frozen food entrees (except seafood based), packaged, manufacturing
3114123114122038Frozen pizza manufacturing
3114123114122038Frozen pot pies manufacturing
3114123114122038Frozen rice dishes manufacturing
3114123114122038Frozen side dishes manufacturing
3114123114122038Frozen soups (except seafood) manufacturing
3114123114122038Frozen waffles manufacturing
3114123114122038Macaroni, frozen, manufacturing
3114123114122038Mexican foods, frozen, manufacturing
3114123114122038Nationality specialty foods, frozen, manufacturing
3114123114122038Pancakes, frozen, manufacturing
3114123114122038Pizzas, frozen, manufacturing
3114123114122038Pot pies, frozen, manufacturing
3114123114122038Soups, frozen (except seafood), manufacturing
3114123114122038Waffles, frozen, manufacturing
3114123114122038Whipped topping, frozen, manufacturing