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 311212 Rice Milling

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in one of the following: (1) milling rice; (2) cleaning and polishing rice; or (3) milling, cleaning, and polishing rice. The establishments in this industry may package the rice they mill with other ingredients.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

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Corresponding Index Entries
3112123112122044Bran and other residues of milling rice
3112123112122044Brewers' rice manufacturing
3112123112122044Cleaning and polishing rice
3112123112122044Flour, rice, manufacturing
3112123112122044Grain mills, rice
3112123112122044Head rice manufacturing
3112123112122044Milling rice
3112123112122044Polished rice manufacturing
3112123112122044Rice bran, flour, and meals, manufacturing
3112123112122044Rice cleaning and polishing
3112123112122044Rice flour manufacturing
3112123112122044Rice meal manufacturing
3112123112122044Rice milling
3112123112122099Rice mixes (i.e., uncooked and packaged with other ingredients) made in rice mill
3112123112122044Rice, brewer's, manufacturing
3112123112122044Rice, brown, manufacturing