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 311111 Dog and Cat Food Manufacturing

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing dog and cat food from ingredients, such as grains, oilseed mill products, and meat products.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

No change 1997 to 2002 2002 NAICS to 1987 SIC 1997Economic Census Bridge Between 1997 NAICS and SIC
Corresponding Index Entries
3111113111112047Animal feed mills, dog and cat, manufacturing
3111113111112047Animal feeds, prepared, dog and cat, manufacturing
3111113111112047Cat food manufacturing
3111113111112047Dog and cat food (e.g., canned, dry, frozen, semimoist), manufacturing
3111113111112047Dog food manufacturing
3111113111112047Feed supplements, dog and cat, manufacturing
3111113111112047Feeds, prepared for dog and cat, manufacturing
3111113111112047Horsemeat, processing, for dog and cat food
3111113111112047Meat canning, dog and cat, pet food, made from purchased carcasses
3111113111112047Meat products, dog and cat, pet food, canning, made from purchased carcasses
3111113111112047Mineral feed supplements, dog and cat, manufacturing
3111113111112047Mineral supplements, dog and cat, manufacturing
3111113111112047Pet food, dog and cat, manufacturing