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 212113 Anthracite Mining

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in one or more of the following: (1) mining anthracite coal; (2) developing anthracite coal mine sites; and (3) beneficiating anthracite coal (e.g., cleaning, washing, screening, and sizing coal).

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

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Corresponding Index Entries
2121132121131231Anthracite beneficiating (e.g., crushing, screening, washing, cleaning, sizing)
2121132121131231Anthracite mining and/or beneficiating
2121132121131231Breakers, anthracite mining and/or beneficiating
2121132121131231Cleaning plants, anthracite coal
2121132121131231Coal beneficiating plants, anthracite
2121132121131231Coal, anthracite, mining and/or beneficiating
2121132121131231Culm bank recovery, anthracite (except on a contract basis)
2121132121131231Hard coal (i.e., anthracite) surface mining
2121132121131231Hard coal (i.e., anthracite) underground mining
2121132121131231Pennsylvania anthracite mining and/or beneficiating
2121132121131231Preparation plants, anthracite
2121132121131231Screening plants, anthracite
2121132121131231Strip mining, anthracite, on own account
2121132121131231Washeries, anthracite