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 115114 Postharvest Crop Activities (except Cotton Ginning)

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in performing services on crops, subsequent to their harvest, with the intent of preparing them for market or further processing. These establishments provide postharvest activities, such as crop cleaning, sun drying, shelling, fumigating, curing, sorting, grading, packing, and cooling.

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Corresponding Index Entries
1151141151140723Almond hulling and shelling
1151141151140723Banana ripening
1151141151140723Bean cleaning
1151141151140723Corn drying
1151141151140723Corn shelling
1151141151140723Crop cleaning
1151141151140723Decorticating flax
1151141151140723Delinting cottonseed
1151141151140723Filbert hulling and shelling
1151141151140723Fruit precooling
1151141151140723Fruit sorting, grading, and packing
1151141151140723Fruit, sun drying
1151141151140723Fruit, vacuum cooling
1151141151140723Fumigating grain
1151141151140723Grain cleaning
1151141151140723Grain drying
1151141151140723Grain fumigation
1151141151140723Grain grinding (except custom grinding for animal feed)
1151141151140723Hulling and shelling of nuts
1151141151140723Irradiation of fruits and vegetables
1151141151140723Nut hulling and shelling
1151141151140723Packaging fresh or farm-dried fruits and vegetables
1151141151140723Packing fruits and vegetables
1151141151140723Peanut shelling
1151141151140723Pecan hulling and shelling
1151141151140723Potato curing
1151141151140723Retting flax
1151141151140723Rice drying
1151141151140723Seed cleaning
1151141151140723Sorting, grading, cleaning, and packing of fruits and vegetables
1151141151140723Sun drying of dates, prunes, raisins, and olives
1151141151140723Sun drying of fruits and vegetables
1151141151140723Sun drying of tomatoes
1151141151140723Sweet potato curing
1151141151140723Tobacco grading
1151141151140723Vegetable precooling
1151141151140723Vegetable sorting, grading, and packing
1151141151140723Vegetable sun drying
1151141151140723Vegetable vacuum cooling
1151141151140723Walnut hulling and shelling
1151141151140723Waxing, fruits or vegetables