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Need to Identify a NAICS or SIC Code? You’ve come to the right place!
  1. Free NAICS Identification Tools – NAICS Codes are self-assigned. Identify the code that best matches your Line of Business using these Free Tools. Use the NAICS Keyword Search or Industry Drill down Tables.
  2. US Business Directory by NAICS.Com – Want to see the NAICS Code(s) SIC Code(s), Company Size Information & More on every Established US Company? Use our Searchable Business Database for Immediate Results.
  3. Data Append Services - Append NAICS Codes to your entire client database in one fell swoop.

Want to create a Targeted Marketing List?
Create Custom Targeted Business Lists, Email Marketing Lists, Consumer Lists and More!

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The NAICS Association offers Free & Paid Resources for Businesses of All Sizes. Perform Market Research, Build Lists, Append Data, Navigate Business Information & More.
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